About Us

Evans Major associates marketing consultancy


Evans Major Associates provides marketing consultancy that focuses on practical and actionable marketing advice, enabling businesses to grow profitably.

At Evans Major we believe that practical marketing advice is built on understanding customers; their desires and behaviours will always be at the heart of the answer. What sets us apart is our experience of getting to the underlying needs, and developing actions which capitalise upon them.

As we have spent many years running marketing departments in blue chip companies we have first-hand practical experience of the challenges that get thrown at the CMO. We know these vary from revenue generation to cost reduction, brand development and getting a new campaign out of the door in weeks. Having had considerable board level experience we know what it takes to operate effectively in this environment, particularly getting the buy-in and support of the board.

We’ve seen marketing from inside organisations so we know that having an idea, whilst important, is only half the story. It only matters when it is well implemented.


Experience of consumer and business markets gained through working with organisations of all sizes in public, private and third sectors.

Here a few of the questions we have answered:

  • How can I accelerate the take up of new services in the marketplace?
  • How can I improve customer retention?
  • Can my brand stretch to new segments or markets?
  • How can I make the brand shine through everything we do including the customer experience?
  • How do I help senior managers to get closer to customers and gain a deeper insight into their needs?
  • Is the marketing department organised optimally?